Credit insurance

with the OeKB Versicherung and PRISMA brands

Our separate product brands – OeKB Versicherung and PRISMA Die Kreditversicherung – guarantee you intelligent solutions to suit your needs.

Why take out credit insurance?

You trust in your experience and deliver to your customer on open account. Suddenly – without any warning – the customer stops paying. That receivables loss makes a massive dent in your finances and poses a major threat to your company.

You can prevent that by taking out credit insurance. We support your receivables management with our market expertise, warn you of risks in time and pay out if something does go wrong. Credit insurance keeps your company safe.

How the brands stand out

OeKB Versicherung – eine Marke der ACREDIAOeKB Versicherung – a brand of ACREDIA. The OeKB Versicherung brand is a flexible part of a large network. As a member of the OeKB Group, it has many years of experience in credit insurance, especially on difficult markets. For further information about the OeKB Versicherung brand and its products, please visit the OeKB Versicherung website.

PRISMA – eine Marke der ACREDIAPRISMA – a brand of ACREDIA. The strength of the PRISMA brand lies in its credit assessments. The global Euler Hermes network provides us with country-specific information around the world, helping our analysts produce ratings with the greatest possible accuracy. For further information about the PRISMA brand and its products, please visit the PRISMA website.

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