Acredia debt collection

Rapid assistance if a customer defaults.

Open receivables are troublesome and cost time and money.

Even small amounts that have gone unpaid for a longer period of time can cause considerable damage to your company.

We collect your receivables by extrajudicial means.

Time is money! Your receivable is probably not the only one, so it is important to reach an agreement with the debtor as quickly as possible. Our employees have received excellent training in dealing with sensitive issues and can draw on a wealth of experience when it comes to agreeing a viable solution with the debtor.

Debt collection is "local business".

Only experts familiar with the legal system and business practices in the respective country have the knowledge required to systematically exhaust all options. We cooperate with debt collection partners worldwide. If required, we can hire a local lawyer to represent you during judicial collection procedures.

Report receivables and monitor insolvency proceedings.

We pledge your receivables in the insolvency proceedings of the debtor and monitor the course of these proceedings. Insolvency proceedings are complex and can often take years to complete, so we keep an eye on this for you.

No obligation.

You sign a framework agreement, meaning that in each individual case you have the right to decide whether you would like to recover the debt through ACREDIA or whether you would prefer to act on your own behalf.


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