Eine balancierende Frau auf einem Seil: Mut braucht Sicherheit. Dafür steht ACREDIA.

ACREDIA credit insurance: What we stand for

Our guiding values

Our corporate culture is based on four core values:

At ACREDIA we rely on in-depth knowledge and expertise, meaning we always operate from a safe position. This enables us to enthusiastically embrace our optimistic outlook in all we do.
We believe that the best way to sustainably support our customers’ business activities is by acting in an open and transparent manner.
At ACREDIA, we have the confidence to try new approaches and accept responsibility for these. We are not deterred by setbacks and we make proactive decisions.
We want to develop promising solutions together with our customers. By working together in partnership, we can turn sound ideas and creative implementations into a reality for the benefit of our customers.