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Focus on coronavirus

The coronavirus is a concern for many people, with the economy and business also being affected. 

As your insurer, we are not only monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis, but are also taking precautionary measures towards prevention. This includes protecting our employees and their families as well as working from home. As ever, you will still be able to count on our expertise. We are working closely with our partners both nationally and internationally. 

We provide security and help you to encourage business action."

This is our mission and our ambition. 
Both are more important now than ever. The situation we are facing is one in which companies are having to fight on many fronts. The health of employees is paramount. However, many protective measures may affect the productivity of individual businesses and could lead to delivery problems and revenue losses. 
As your credit insurer, we will do everything we can to maintain calm and ensure stability. 
We will not be rushing to respond to short-term payment difficulties or declining financial results and will provide you with the best support possible.

Is ACREDIA equipped to meet the current challenges?”

Our ability to work is guaranteed to a large extent.
We are happy to have highly experienced colleagues who know and understand their customers. Our team is well prepared for the challenges ahead. Many of us already have experience of dealing with a crisis from the financial crisis in 2009. 

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