ACREDIA Single covers your revolving transactions with a single customer.

ACREDIA Single – the easy way to develop a business relationship.

Insurance for revolving transactions with a single customer.


Insure all transactions with a single customer

Are you are in the process of establishing a new business relationship in Austria or abroad and want to supply regularly to the customer, but are unsure of the customer’s liquidity or reliability? Play it safe. ACREDIA Single provides you with targeted cover for all your deliveries to a single customer. There is no duty to offer for the rest of your customers, so separate policies can be taken out to cover receivables owed by certain risky buyers. 
ACREDIA Single comes as standard with a limit premium. It automatically covers you against bad debt losses and payment defaults.

Optional services

Political risk 

Political risk includes non-payment due to war, unrest or civil war, as well as payment defaults by public-sector buyers.

Production risk

Procurement and production costs can be covered for customised products.

Optional services for your ACREDIA Single insurance.


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