ACREDIA Business Grade – independent verification of your creditworthiness.

ACREDIA Business Grade – a certificate that’s worth its weight in gold.

The independent quality certificate assures customers and partners of your creditworthiness and reliability.


Supply on the market is growing. A wide range of suppliers market themselves online, but which are reliable partners? Quantity says nothing about quality. ACREDIA offers a quality certificate that not only tells you whether you can do business with partners with confidence, but also lets you obtain evidence of your own reliability, stability and strong reputation.

What is ACREDIA Business Grade?

  • the independent quality certificate for doing business with confidence 
  • an expert opinion on the creditworthiness of your company
  • verification of your reliability for customers and partners
  • evidence of your transparency  

Continue doing business with confidence and have an ACREDIA Business Grade certificate issued by the ACREDIA Group – the leader on the Austrian credit insurance market – to demonstrate your company’s reliability and stability. Following issue of the certificate, ACREDIA is happy to help on request if you have any queries. 

ACREDIA Business Grade includes ...

  • a personal discussion with us even before issue of your ACREDIA Business Grade certificate.
  • certification of your creditworthiness in the form of an ACREDIA creditworthiness grade.
  • a creditworthiness outlook for the next 12 months.
  • a digital quality label for your online presence and print products.
  • stickers for you to freely use.

How can you be certified?

Simply fill out the application form and send it to
Your Business Grade certificate will be issued within a few days on the basis of our business analysis, which takes shareholders and company bodies, absolute and relative company figures and the business outlook for the next twelve months into account. The certificate gives a key summary of that analysis. Our team of analysts will also give you a creditworthiness grade.


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