Questions and answers about debt collection for creditors

Who can place a debt collection order with ACREDIA Services GmbH?

Currently only ACREDIA Versicherung AG policyholders that are based in Austria can conclude a master agreement with ACREDIA Services GmbH for debt collection orders.

Why should I instruct ACREDIA Services GmbH to collect a receivable?

Your customer hasn’t paid and the receivable is overdue. Your own reminders haven’t yielded any results. Instruct the specialists at ACREDIA Services GmbH to collect your receivable. You’ll benefit from our professional approach towards debtors, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.
The involvement of a debt collection agency prompts the debtor to pay the receivable as quickly as possible to avoid unwanted consequences (extra costs, judicial debt collection).
As a policyholder, you’re required to take all prudent measures to prevent or minimise the loss of insured receivables. That requirement is met if you promptly instruct ACREDIA Services GmbH to collect the receivable.

Do I have to issue reminders to the customer myself?

Issuing reminders isn’t required by law. However, most creditors remind their customers at least once that an invoice hasn’t been settled and must be paid without delay.

What debt collection services does ACREDIA Services GmbH provide?

Conclusion of a master agreement for debt collection with ACREDIA Services GmbH, without the requirement to assign every case to ACREDIA Services GmbH.
Debt collection orders can be placed by our customers themselves using our online platform.
ACREDIA Services GmbH collects insured and uninsured receivables for ACREDIA Versicherung AG policyholders.
ACREDIA Services GmbH will send a written reminder to the debtor within 24 hours (on business days) of being instructed to collect the receivable.
Shortly after sending the reminder, the debtor will be instructed to pay the debt by telephone.
Generally, extrajudicial debt collection should not exceed 60 days, but that period can be extended or reduced by agreement.
Agreement and monitoring of an instalment payment plan by ACREDIA Services GmbH.
Advice on uncollectable receivables and judicial collection.
ACREDIA Services GmbH also offers debt collection across the world. We have partner companies, attorneys and the World Collection Network of the Euler Hermes credit insurance group at our disposal for that purpose.
If you instruct us to collect a receivable that is covered by your insurance contract with ACREDIA Versicherung AG, we’ll comply with the agreed reporting and coordination requirements on your behalf.

How can I obtain login details for the online debt collection platform?

Please contact our debt collection customer advisers, who will be happy to help you.

How can I place a new debt collection order?

Our customer-friendly online platform leads you through the relevant pages step by step. Required fields are marked with * and must be completed. If you have any questions about our online platform, our debt collection customer advisers will be happy to help you.

What formats can I upload documents in?

Lists of open items and other documents can be uploaded in the following formats: csv, xls and pdf. PLEASE NOTE: The maximum file size is 3 MB. However, you can upload additional files after placing an order by sending a message.

Can I make changes to the entered data before placing the order?

Before placing the order, you will see an overview of the data that you have entered. Changes can still be made at this stage. The entered data will only be sent to us once you click on “PLACE DEBT COLLECTION ORDER”. If an error has escaped your notice, you can send us a message via the online platform.

What happens after placing my order?

We will confirm your order by email.
Within 24 hours of being instructed to collect your receivable, we’ll send a reminder to your debtor.

How can I check the current status of my receivables?

As our customer, you can use our online platform at any time to access your debt collection orders and check their current status. If you have any questions, our debt collection customer advisers will be happy to help you by telephone or by email.

Can I cancel or revoke a debt collection order?

As our customer, you can revoke an order if debt collection hasn’t been successful a year after the order was placed (i.e. if the receivable hasn’t been paid or secured by collateral). The revocation will become effective three months after receipt. Debt collection costs and expenses apply, however. We are entitled to a success fee if any payments have been made towards the receivable or if the receivable has been reduced or secured by collateral.
Please note that termination of the debt collection must first be coordinated with ACREDIA Versicherung AG if the receivables are covered by credit insurance.
In the case of incorrect order details (e.g. if your debt collection order didn’t take into account any payments or credits already made towards the receivable), please inform us in a subsequent message. We’ll then correct the data promptly and use the corrected data for further debt collection steps.

How will you treat my customers?

ACREDIA Services GmbH has trained staff who can respond to differing customer needs. We appreciate the importance of the business relationship between our customers and their debtors not being damaged more than necessary by the debt collection measures. The debt collection will be performed professionally and in an ethical manner.

Is it worthwhile even for small amounts?

ACREDIA Services GmbH collects even small amounts.

Do I have any say in how the debt collection is handled after placing the debt collection order?

As our customer, you can always have a say in the collection of your receivables. We work together with you to identify the optimal approach to handling your debt collection cases. If you would like a specific approach in certain situations or with certain debtors, we’ll endeavour to meet your requirements. If the receivables are covered by ACREDIA Versicherung AG credit insurance, we’ll also take care of the necessary coordination of the debt collection measures with the credit insurer.

Can I reach a payment agreement with the debtor?

After placing the order, you shouldn’t reach a payment agreement with the debtor. Please inform the debtor that any agreements or correspondence must go solely through us. Please note that ACREDIA Services GmbH is entitled to the agreed success fee if payments are made towards the receivable in question due to direct contact between you and the debtor.

When do I get my money if the debtor has paid?

Any payments received will be recorded promptly, settled against your account and transferred to you on a weekly basis.

The debtor has paid me directly. What should I do?

Please inform us straight away, so that the receivable can be adjusted accordingly.


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