ACREDIA Grading – A transparent view of your customers.

Security through transparent creditworthiness

With ACREDIA Grading, keeping an overview of your customers could not be easier A clearly defined creditworthiness scale keeps credit checks quick and transparent.


What is a “Grading”?

  • Grading is a concise key figure.
  • Each Grading is based on a scale. ACREDIA Grading runs from 1 to 10. The best possible credit rating is 1 with the lowest probability of insolvency, while 10 means insolvency.

Who is interested in it?

As a Policyholder, you benefit from ACREDIA Grading. Our insurance cover is given an additional quality feature by being combined with Grading. It enables you to better assess the stability of a credit commitment.

For which customers do I get ACREDIA Grading?

For all customers for which ACREDIA grants a credit limit.

How does ACREDIA generate its Grading?

  • We use a wide range of sources of information in our own
    country and abroad.
  • Group-wide quality standards take into account both hard and soft facts.
  • ACREDIA Grading is continuously reviewed and adjusted.

How do I benefit from this?

  • You will obtain an estimate of your customers’ probability of default for the next 12 months.
  • You can weigh your customer portfolio by risk class, analyse it and thus better manage it.
  • Grading supports you in your sales planning, because you can see your business partners‘ current creditworthiness at the touch of a button.
  • The development of the Grading shows you whether their creditworthiness is improving or deteriorating. Even if the insurance cover provided by ACREDIA has not yet changed, you can already recognise the trend!
  • Grading is a good compass if you want to enter into strategic partnerships.

What is the significance of ACREDIA Grading?

Please read the description of the different Grading classes.

How fast can I get ACREDIA Grading?

  • The current grading can be found conveniently on the ACT-Portal.
  • Of course, all popular tools are also available (download as Excel file, etc).


Description of the different Grading classes


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