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Providing information enables preventative action

ACREDIA is a subsidiary of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG and belongs to the world's largest credit insurer, Allianz Trade. We have a subsidiary, Acredia Services GmbH, whose business activities include the credit evaluation and risk assessment of Austrian commercial enterprises and commercial enterprises in the SEE region.

What information should I submit?

To enable us to produce an up-to-date credit assessment of your company, we ask that you answer the following questions or send the following documents by e-mail to

  • Your annual report
  • A target-performance comparison of the half-year figures for the current financial year
  • An outlook/forecast for the current financial year
  • Bank overview (term of the loans, available credit lines, utilisation, collateralisation)
  • Liquidity planning
Take preventative action for your business by submitting your self-declaration to ACREDIA.
Discussion with suppliers and new negotiations will improve your ACREDIA grading.

We also have the following additional questions

War in Ukraine/Russia

  • What percentage of sales did you achieve in the affected countries over the past two fiscal years?
  • Do you have trade relations, a subsidiary, a sales branch, and/or a production company in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus?
  • Is there a need for depreciation or how much have you already written off?

Interest Rates & Inflation

  • To what extent are you affected by the increased interest rates in corporate financing?
  • Have you hedged against rising interest rates?
  • What other measures have you taken?
  • Have you agreed on price sliding clauses with customers/suppliers?

Energy Prices & Availability

  • How energy-intensive is your business?
  • What safeguards exist for energy prices and energy supply quantities? Are there long-term contracts?
  • Can you switch to other energy carriers?
  • Is there the possibility of self-supply?
  • Do you claim state energy cost subsidies?


  • Have you claimed government aid/support (COVID-19) for your company? If YES, please describe which ones.
  • If YES, have you already repaid or refinanced these loans? Are you in refinancing negotiations?
  • Do you still have deferments (tax office, ÖGK, bank loans) running? If YES, for how long?

Confidentiality and data protection


ACREDIA treats all information that you provide us with as strictly confidential. We only process personal data according to the GDPR and the Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG). Further information on how we process personal data can be found under the following link:


ACREDIA Services GmbH

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