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Play it smart.

Our credit insurance products are indispensable for smart and successful risk management.

How ACREDIA is key to the success of your company.

In the business world, you often have to deliver on credit to secure a deal. That’s no problem as long as the customer pays the owed amount on time. But what happens if your customer suddenly goes insolvent and can no longer pay? That scenario could jeopardise the future of your own company.

We insure that risk. With our credit insurance, you’ll be on the safe side even if your customer fails to pay. Our products provide cover against loss of receivables.

We specialise in receivables management. Thanks to our market expertise and international database, we check your customers worldwide and warn you in good time of the possibility of non-payment and bad debt. If a customer unexpectedly goes insolvent, we step in and indemnify the loss.

Credit insurance: how start-ups can play it safe

The start-up phase is often very hectic for companies. However, it is precisely then that businesses should keep a close eye on the liquidity and creditworthiness of their customers to ensure their own long-term success.

Export insurance: how companies can expand with confidence

Supplying to new markets offers opportunities, but also carries risks, especially for companies that deliver on credit. A credit insurer monitors your customers and all your receivables and pays out if your customer goes insolvent.


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