ACREDIA Debt Collection – we’ll recover your money.

ACREDIA Debt Collection – we have a knack for securing agreements in tricky cases.

We reach viable solutions with the debtor in a quick and effective manner.


Unpaid receivables are risky and cost time and money

Is your invoice overdue? Even small amounts that go unpaid for a long time can do your business considerable damage. The ACREDIA Debt Collection service provides quick assistance if your customer fails to pay.

Extrajudicial collection of your receivables

Time is money! Your receivable probably isn’t the only one that hasn’t been paid, so it’s important to reach an agreement with the debtor as quickly as possible. Our well-trained staff have the necessary tact and experience to reach a viable solution with the debtor.

Debt collection is a local matter

Only experts who are familiar with the legal system of the respective country and its business norms can make expert and thorough use of all the options. We work together with debt collection partners worldwide and if necessary can instruct a local attorney to take care of the judicial collection of your debt at any time.

We register your receivables and monitor the insolvency proceedings

If the debtor is subject to insolvency proceedings, we have your receivables registered and monitor the proceedings. Insolvency proceedings are complex and can often take years to complete. We keep an eye on the case for you.

You’re free to decide

You first sign a master agreement. In each case that arises, you can freely decide whether to instruct ACREDIA to collect the debt or to perform the debt collection yourself.
Please see the product folder for further information. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

FAQs ...

for creditors: Have you instructed a debt collection agency to collect your receivables? See here for useful questions and answers about debt collection.

for debtors: Do you owe money and have been contacted by a debt collection agency? See here for useful questions and answers about debt collection.


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